A MATM Company
We are SSG, we are not your typical Defense Contractor/ Risk Management/ Advisory Services Company; we are a specialized, boutique organization. 
The Defense Industry is "smoke and mirrors" type business but the realities of this industry are clear cut;
  • For the most part, all Defense Companies; including your Washington DC "powerhouses" use the same personnel as their smaller, lesser known competitors
  • Larger companies are more expensive because of various pass through costs that there clients must pay (prime office space, high powered Board of Directors and Advisory Board) when in reality, clients want the job done properly and as rapidly as possible which brings me to my next point
  • Politics; Large Defense Companies have various corporate reporting and approval processes. What client wants to wait for the Executive Management team to make a decision? and often times this "Corporate 800lb Gorilla" will delay projects, cost clients money and ultimately leads to a bad customer experience

SSG is a lean organization, experienced in working in theatres and locations other companies do not want to work in, we do not have the "800lb Corporate Gorilla" in our organization. We are a "one stop shop" or our customers

SSG is fast, well organized, full of capabilities, we can deploy within 24hrsinsured with the required program insurance products, we do not have a Board of Directors or Advisory Board and we are able to hand select the right personnel for your program and make decisions quickly so our clients are able to complete their requirements; on time and within budget.
At the end of the day that's what it is about; budget and timing. Our clients have problems, we develop solutions and the solutions we deliver are not a "one size fits all", they are developed specifically to address our client's problems and budget requirements. Believe me, we wish we could overcharge the Government Agencies Hundreds of Millions of Dollars like some of the Larger, Well known Defense Companies consistently do all the time, but that is not our business model. 

​That is why we are unique, we are transparent and we thrive on the challenges of working in the most dangerous and difficult areas in the world; places that other companies are not wiling to deploy. 

For further information about SSG, our Capabilities, Programs and Areas of Operations.

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SSG is an ICOC Signatory Company

SSG offers a number of services within its (5) core capabilities. SSG's Capabilities and Services are geared towards Government, Public/ Private Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations. SSG does not believe in a "One Program Fits All" mentality, so all Programs and Services are CUSTOMIZED to meet our customer's demands, schedules and budgets

INTELLIGENCE- SSG offers a one of a kind HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (HUMINT) program designed to allow companies and Government Agencies better understand Threats and Country/ Regional Risks that could impact business operations, deployed personnel and on-going political agendas. With SSG's Intelligence Service, you will have the proper information to make an informed decision

SUPPORT SERVICES- The key to success is dependent on the level of support and the ability to maintain that support in remote/ high risk areas. SSG offers a Support Services Capability that offers Base Operations and Construction, Life Support Services, Security, Aviation, Operations and Maintenance in addition to other core services. Unlike other companies that offer this service, we do not need USG Military Protection or Support. We can support programs anywhere in the world

HUMANITARIAN- Humanitarian crisis exists all over the world and it can be very difficult to lend a helping hand in the most critical areas. SSG has the assets and expertise to deliver much needed food, clean water and medical supplies/ treatment into the harshest environments. 

RESPONSE- When diplomacy fails and a threat is imminent; SSG is ready to deploy and can be on location anywhere in the world within 24hrs. 

ADVISORY- SSG can be a trusted advisor to organizations globally. Being able to stay ahead of potential conflicts, policy changes and also the ability to mitigate risks are all key factors to successful global business operations. SSG has the personnel, experience and knowledge to navigate potential political risk, advise on policy changes and back channel movements that could potentially enhance or deter business operations and  sustainability